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In order to protect personal data, provides visitors to the website with an information guide on how we use cookies.

  • What are cookies?

Cookies are temporary files used to store data on your computer or mobile device every time you access a website. They are widely used to make websites or certain of their services work more efficiently. Cookies are also used to report certain information.

Our cookies are not used to retain personal information such as name, surname, e-mail or bank details, but to monitor the activity and actions carried out on the pages accessed in order to improve the user experience and for marketing purposes.

  • What types of cookies are there and why do we use them?

The cookies implemented on the site by its owners are called “first party” and those set by third parties, other than the rightful owners of the site, are called “third party”. The latter activates certain elements and functionalities that can be offered by accessing the website.

We use “first party” and “third party” cookies for many reasons. Some cookies are necessary for technical reasons, and for our website and services to be operational – these are the necessary, essential cookies. Other cookies allow us and third parties with whom we work to monitor and target the interests expressed by website visitors – these are cookies necessary for performance and functionality.

For example, we use cookies to manage the content and information that we can send or display to users, to personalize the interaction experience with the website, also to improve the functionality of the services we offer.

The specific types of “first party” and “third party” cookies that we use on our website, as well as the purpose of their use, are described below.

  • Essential cookies for the website

These cookies are absolutely necessary to provide you with the services available on the site, but also for access to protected sections. The latter is generated after authentication, to verify the session expiration.

These cookies are strictly necessary for the functionality of the website and the correct running of the web platform. Cookies can be blocked or deleted by changing the browser settings.

  • Cookies used for performance

These cookies are used to improve the performance of the site, to analyze the way the site works and, of course, to identify potential errors that may exist.

  • Cookies for analysis and personalization

Cookies that collect information of this type are used to help us understand how the site is used or how effective our marketing campaigns are. It also helps us to fully customize the website, in order to improve the experience of using the site.

  • Cookies for promotion and targeting

We use them to make promotional messages more relevant, taking into account your interests. Also, these cookies perform other functions, such as preventing ads from appearing continuously, ensuring their optimal delivery from the point of view of the display and in some cases selecting ads based on your interests.

This information is shared with various parties such as Facebook or Google with which we can send visitors advertisements that may be of interest to them.

We, as well as third parties or partners, may use other similar monitoring technologies. These data files contain unique identifiers that help us find out when someone has visited our website or that trigger certain signals that indicate a certain action performed on the site.

This allows us to monitor the user traffic pattern on a specific page of the site, through the communication and delivery of these cookies. In this way, we will understand if you reached the site by accessing an ad or from another website, in order to deliver targeted ads, improve the performance of the website and monitor the success of marketing campaigns.

  • Targeted online promotion

We use third-party services to monitor and analyze individual use of the site and to collect statistical information about interactions with our site. We also have collaborations with third parties to display ads and use them for promotion.

These third parties also use tracking technologies to collect and use information about your online activities anonymously, either on our website or on other websites or mobile applications, to learn about your interests and to provide you with targeted ads that are adapted according to the activities during navigation and specific interests.

Also, third parties will be able to use cookies or web signals to collect information about visits to our website and other websites, in order to measure and monitor the effectiveness of online advertisements and promotional activities (for example, through collecting data regarding the number of accesses to one of our ads). The information collected by these third parties does not include personal data through which the user can be accurately identified (for example name or email address).

  • Cookies used in our services

Google remarketing ads

The Google ad remarketing service allows users to create and manage their ads on the Google Display Network. If a user chooses to use this element, we will install a Google tracking pixel on that customer’s website via the Snippet. The snippet also allows the user’s website to set a cookie that will recognize website visitors through ads placed with the help of Google’s ad remarketing service.

These technologies facilitate the placement of promotional campaigns on the Google Display Network and allow us to provide reports to our clients regarding the performance of these promotional campaigns.

Facebook ads

The Facebook ad service allows our customers to post ads to subscribers and others through the Facebook platform. When a customer chooses to benefit from this service, we implement a Facebook monitoring pixel on the respective customer’s website through the Snippet.

The snippet allows the client’s website to implement a browser cookie that will recognize website visitors through ads placed through Facebook ad services. These monitoring technologies facilitate the management of promotional campaigns on the Facebook platform and allow us to provide clients with reports on the performance of these campaigns. Facebook does not offer the option to refuse these cookies. To refuse these cookies, check the instruction section below “How can I control cookies?”
Landing pages

If a user chooses to use this element, the use of cookies and additional monitoring technologies will be allowed. Users who create landing pages will have the option to set cookies on the device of any visitor to those pages. When a user chooses to configure cookies, installs the Snippet on that user’s landing page to facilitate the implementation of the cookies chosen by that user.

  • List of cookies used by VBWAREHOUSE:
Functionality and Performance_gaGoogle AnalyticsThe whole siteUsed for estimating, optimizing, personalizing and sending push notifications to users
Functionality and Performance_gatGoogle AnalyticsThe whole siteAnalyzes and monitors website visitors by collecting anonymous data
Functionality and Performance_gidGoogleThe whole siteAnalyzes and monitors website visitors by collecting anonymous data
User information_cookieconsent_statusOwn cookieThe whole siteUsed to record the moment when the website user closes the notification regarding the use of cookies
MarketingfrFacebookThe whole siteUsed for Marketing purposes to deliver the measure and improve advertisements
  • Cookie management You have the right to decide if you accept or reject cookies!

You can set and customize your browser options to accept or refuse cookies. If you choose to reject cookies, you will be able to continue using our website, but access to certain functionalities and secure areas may be restricted.

Most promotional networks provide you with a way to unsubscribe from promotional ads based on specific interests.

You can choose to opt-out of mobile advertising identifiers also being used for interest-based advertising. You will have to access the mobile device settings and follow the latest instructions in this regard. If you choose to opt out, we will delete all data collected about you and we will no longer collect additional data. The random identifier assigned to you (by us or third parties) will also be removed. This means that, if at a later date, you decide to accept the terms again, we will no longer be able to continue tracking and monitoring using the same identifier as before, as you will be considered a new user of the system in all respects.

“Do Not Track” option – some browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari – include the possibility to send “Do Not Track” signals. As general standards are not regulated regarding “Do Not Track” signals, some websites do not yet respond to them.

At, we take the protection of personal data seriously and are constantly looking to improve the ways in which we can protect them, keeping abreast of any changes regarding their monitoring, tracking and use.